Eligible Members Who Were Invited to Join:

Eligible members graduating in the upcoming commencement ceremony may purchase commencement regalia after accepting the invitation to join and paying for membership. Please be mindful that invitations to join have an expiration date.

New Members Who Recently Joined:

New members who recently accepted an invitation to join and have paid for membership are welcome to purchase commencement regalia if graduating in the upcoming commencement ceremony.

Current Members Who Joined a Previous Year:

Current members inducted a previous year who paid membership dues to join, are active members current with their dues, and graduating in the upcoming commencement ceremony are welcome to purchase commencement regalia.

Inactive Members Who Joined a Previous Year:

Inactive members are unable to purchase regalia. Those who are inactive must become current with their dues and have their membership reinstated in order to purchase regalia. Inactive members who wish to renew membership and become current with their dues should contact Phi Kappa Phi Headquarters at or call 1-800-804-9880 for assistance.

Accessories Available for Purchase:

The following accessories which are pictured above, can be purchased by all paid/active members:

Honor Cords $15 Medallions $15 Honor Stoles $25

*Sorry we do not sell the hawaiian leis pictured, however they are typically available for purchase from individual vendors at commencement.

Regalia Restrictions:

There are no Phi Kappa Phi regalia wearing restrictions. All paid/active members are welcome to purchase any or all regalia items listed. All active members have the same regalia purchase options, and there are no classification-based Phi Kappa Phi regalia requirements. Therefore, all active members may purchase and wear whatever Phi Kappa Phi regalia they choose based on their personal preference.

Methods of Payment:

Acceptable methods of payment are credit/debit card, cash (exact dollar amount please as we don’t have change), your personal check, or money order made payable to UNC Charlotte Phi Kappa Phi.

On-Campus Regalia Purchase:

Regalia purchases made from the local UNC Charlotte chapter directly impact and affect chapter operations. Support your local chapter by purchasing directly from us right here on campus!

How to Make a Purchase:

Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this webpage to make a purchase request.